Oil Valves - Thermostatic, Pressure, & Flow Control

thermostatic oil valves


Thermostatic Oil Valves have the ability to accurately control fluids within a mechanical system can mean the difference between a long running success and a short lived disaster. Rostra Vernatherm Oil Valves can give your system the accurate control necessary to assure proper flow direction and more.



Function Availibility: (choose 1 or all 3 functions)
Pressure Relief/Regulation, Temperature Control, Flow Control

Temperature Range: 30F - 300F


oil valve diagram


Figure 1 depicts the typical configuration of these valves, which include a hexagonal cap and square type heads. Designed to be fastened within a valve housing with threads per your specifications. Valve seat not provided, as it is in it's housing that it is installed in.






cartridge valve diagram


Figure 2 depicts an aditional option which allows the usage of this technology with out having to design a housing. This cage-type valve is the same oil valve as shown in figure 1, with a self seating cage. This valve is designed for installation in a standard T-pipe.